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Pastor Ryan Matlock

My name is Ryan and I am excited about what God is doing in Ballinger TX. My Wife Melissa and I moved to Ballinger at the beginning of November 2017. We have three beautiful children, two of which were adopted from Bulgaria and then the Lord thought it would be fun for us to get pregnant. Now we have a sweet baby girl.

I am looking forward to meeting your family and getting to know each of you. We want to be your church family! Come worship with us and join in on what God is doing in your community through the ministry of First Baptist Church! Do you have questions? Want to talk? Shoot me an email and let’s get acquainted.

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Bracken Bean - Youth & Children's Pastor

In 2019 I was trying to find how I could serve God best, so I moved to Ballinger, Texas to live with my family hoping I could figure that out. The week I moved here this church had a need, a youth minister. I still had no idea if this was how I serve God best, but I knew this is how I serve God now. After three months serving as the interim Youth Minister it was becoming more and more clear that this was home, so I applied for the full time position.

I was called to ministry at age 16, and have done all I can to serve God since then through youth ministry, children’s ministry, music ministry, college ministry, and interim pastor. I will do all I can to serve this community and give as many people the same story I have, a story of salvation through the redemptive love of Christ.

If you have any questions about the Youth & Children's Ministry please email me

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Career opportunity - Music Minister

See our Careers page for more information.

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Jessica Mata -Ministry Assistant
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Ben Ramon - Bilingual Ministry Pastor

Ben is dedicated to serving and discipling our Spanish speaking community in Ballinger. Ben has served in Spanish Ministry for 30 years serving in Texas and Mexico. Ben is a spirit filled man of God who loves to share his heart with others.

Ben se dedica a servir y discipular a nuestra comunidad de habla español en Ballinger. Ben ha servido en el Ministerio español durante 30 años sirviendo en Texas y México. Ben es un hombre de Dios lleno de espíritu que ama compartir su corazón con los demás.